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  • VP20A 16.8V Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery
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Electrostatic Sprayer Accessories and Replacement Parts

In partnership with Victory Innovations, Baker Cleaning Solutions is proud to provide electrostatic sprayers that our clients have come to rely on for efficient sanitation. As compact as a household handheld vacuum, our sprayers are the perfect solution for both easy and extensive sanitation.

For quick cleaning without the hassle of dragging a cord around, try our cordless handheld electrostatic sprayer. Its labor-saving design conservatively uses sanitation fluid yet sprays in a wider range to cover more surface area. Similar to the handheld version, our cordless backpack electrostatic sprayer efficiently saves product and lessens the time spend cleaning but allows professionals to cover up to 23,000-square feet on a single 2.2-gallon tank of sanitation fluid. However, with repeated usage comes natural wear and the emptying of product. That’s why we also offer various electrostatic sprayer accessories and replacement parts.

Replacement Batteries

The high-capacity Victory replacement lithium-ion battery can deliver up to 2x the runtime of the standard VP20 Victory battery. It delivers 8 hours of runtime and be recharged up to 800 times.

Extension Wand

For efficient cleaning in those hard-to-reach spots, try our extension wands. Available in both 12 inches and 24 inches, these attachments will help you spray and sanitize all those nooks and crannies. Both extension wands are made from non-conductive, non-corrosive materials and can be used with any Victory Innovations nozzle.

3-in-1 Nozzle Adapter

The Victory 3-in-1 nozzle adapter is compatible with both the handheld and backpack electrostatic sprayer. Each of its three spray tips is made from stainless steel to resist corrosion from harsh chemicals. It also has a variety of nozzle settings that give you the ability to directly control the rate at which you spray your cleaning solution and adjust the adapter for numerous cleaning jobs without having remove it.

Our range of electrostatic sprayer accessories and replacement parts also includes a battery charger, nozzle wrench, carry strap, 2.25-gallon tank, and 33.8-oz tank.