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Benefits of a Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

Benefits of a Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

There are many different types and brands of electrostatic sprayers available. It can be challenging to decide which is right for your application. Discover the benefits of a Victory electrostatic sprayer and why it’s suitable for your operation.

Designed for Mobility

Victory makes electrostatic sprayers that are meant to be transported with ease. These types of electrostatic sprayers come equipped with superior versatility. Victory makes a handheld electrostatic sprayer and an electrostatic backpack sprayer—both models are cordless and moveable. Additionally, both types of sprayers are lightweight and easy to use.

Easy To Operate

Victory designed its electrostatic sprayers with operators in mind. There are no gauges, cords, compressors, or any other complicated systems. They were designed with the user in mind so that anyone can use them. Spraying is as simple as filling up the tank with a disinfectant solution, turning on the electrostatic switch, and pulling the trigger button attached to the sprayer.

Offer Touchless Application

Touching and wiping surfaces by hand can lead to cross-contamination and the addition of more germs than the surface began with. With a Victory electrostatic sprayer, you will enjoy a touchless application of the disinfectant solution. Touchless application leads to significantly reduced cross-contamination of surfaces.

Advanced Technology To Disinfect

Victory electrostatic sprayers are able to provide a quick and effective application of a disinfectant solution through the advanced technology of particle charging. Each droplet of the solution is charged, and as the droplet hits the surface, it creates an even spread over the area. Particles hold their cationic charge for up to three seconds, which prevents drips. The solution also wraps around conductive surfaces giving you 360 degrees of reliable coverage.

Baker Cleaning Solutions offers Victory Electrostatic Sprayers and Vital Oxide EPA-registered disinfectant solution. Our solution and Victory’s electrostatic sprayers are the perfect combination for an effectively disinfected facility. Contact us today for more information.