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Electrostatic Sprayer Uses & Applications

The Victory Innovations electrostatic spray system gives medical facilities, food services, teachers, and other important industries access to professional disinfection capabilities. Read about some common electrostatic sprayer uses and applications below.

Electrostatic Disinfection for Those Who Need It Most

Professional electrostatic sprayers work by projecting an electrostatically charged cleaning solution onto surfaces and objects. Since the mist contains positively charged particles, the cleaning solution strongly adheres to surfaces and particles repel one another, leaving a consistent and even coating.

The ease of use and reliable effectiveness make cordless electrostatic sprayers a perfect disinfectant system for schools, gyms, medical facilities, and more. Baker Cleaning Solutions provides both handheld and backpack sprayers to give our customers the right tools to disinfect anything from a school bus to an entire hospital suite.

Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

A professional electrostatic backpack sprayer covers up to 23,000 sq. ft. on a single tank of cleaning fluid. Perfect for larger applications, such as medical facilities and community centers, these sprayers are an effective and reliable solution to a variety of sanitary challenges.

Cordless Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

A handheld electrostatic sprayer is an effective portable disinfectant solution for a wide range of applications. These sprayers are ideal for smaller areas, such as classrooms and airplanes, and allow the sprayer to disinfect hard-to-reach areas.


Healthcare providers across the country utilize cordless electrostatic sprayers for their disinfectant needs. An electrostatic sprayer system will help hospitals prevent infections and keep their patients safe from harmful germs.

Food Services

Electrostatic sprayers help restaurants and catering services keep both their workers and patrons safe from infection. With easy-to-use operation and full coverage, electrostatic sprayers are perfect for disinfecting kitchens and dining areas alike.


Electrostatic sprayers allow schools to reliably disinfect high-contact surfaces and help prevent infection. Available in both handheld and backpack sprayer configurations, custodial staffs and teachers alike will find in these a reliable disinfectant solution.


Professional electrostatic sprayers provide an effective disinfecting solution for local gyms, athletic facilities, and community sporting centers. By spraying frequently used gym equipment and supplies, facility owners can ensure that their patrons exercise in a clean environment.