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Common Disinfection Errors To Avoid Making

Common Disinfection Errors To Avoid Making

When you’re cleaning a home, office, retail space, or facility, one of the key things you should remember is to disinfect the space. Disinfecting will keep surfaces and items free of harmful germs and bacteria. When embarking on a disinfecting mission, be sure to explore these common disinfection errors to avoid making.

Not Applying Enough Disinfectant Solution

When disinfecting things, it’s important to use the right amount of disinfectant solution. Too much can leave a surface soaked, while too little will be ineffective. Take your time when disinfecting, and make sure you coat the surfaces in a thin and even layer of disinfectant solution. Rushing through the disinfecting process can quickly lead to gaps in coverage and certain areas will not be disinfected effectively.

Using the Wrong Disinfectant Solution

Not all disinfectant solutions are intended for mass disinfection or home use. Be sure to choose a disinfectant solution that is both safe and effective, so there are no risks of harming those who breathe in the solution. Baker Cleaning Solutions carries a solution that is designed to effectively disinfect surfaces through the use of an electrostatic sprayer. It is very safe to use and kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. It also eliminates odor at a molecular level without fragrance masking.

Missing Hotspots and Undersurfaces

Another main error some people make when disinfecting their facilities is missing spots that need to be disinfected the most or forgetting to disinfect the back or under parts of items. Using a high-quality electrostatic sprayer can fix this issue. They spray for full 360-degree coverage of items while maintaining an even and effective layer of disinfectant solution.

There are even more common disinfection errors to avoid making, but you can avoid these by using a professional cordless electrostatic sprayer from Baker Cleaning Solutions properly. We supply high-quality sprayers as well as other effective and safe disinfectant solutions.