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How Electrostatic Sprayers Save You Time and Money

How Electrostatic Sprayers Save You Time and Money

Since typical cleaning methods don’t kill germs and bacteria, it is important to use a disinfection process. Thankfully, there are countless systems designed to help you disinfect your environment. No matter if you’re disinfecting your own home or a larger area, such as an office, fitness center, school, or warehouse, using the right disinfection method is essential.

Investing in an electrostatic sprayer may be a larger investment initially, but in the long run, it’s a superior method. Discover how electrostatic sprayers save you time and money.

Electrostatic Sprayers Disinfect Quicker

Electrostatic sprayers are efficient and effective. They charge disinfectant solution particles to latch onto entire surfaces, leaving a thin, even layer of disinfectant solution. This is a quick and easy process that cuts down on hours of handheld spray bottle usage.

Electrostatic sprayers can spray continuously for up to four hours on one tank of fluid and a charged battery.

“In testing, the Victory Cordless Electrostatic System is 70% faster and uses 65% less chemicals than a traditional sprayer. That’s a significant increase in efficiency that will definitely save you time and money.”—Victory Innovations

Electrostatic Sprayers Use Advanced Technology

Electrostatic sprayers are ideal for disinfecting surfaces. The advanced technology in the sprayer puts a thin, even layer on all sides of a conductive surface. This ensures there are no “pools” of disinfectant liquid and that every inch of a surface is sanitized.

These are a great investment that will leave you with peace of mind that the germs on your surfaces are being killed properly. Each drop of disinfectant liquid is charged so it wraps to conductive surfaces, giving you 360 degrees of coverage.

Electrostatic sprayers from Baker Cleaning Solutions are the perfect addition to your disinfecting routine. They are able to kill germs by applying a thin, even layer of disinfectant to surfaces. The charged disinfectant particle wraps onto conductive surfaces for 360-degree disinfection. Contact us today for more information and to find the perfect cordless electrostatic sprayer for your application.