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How to Select an Electrostatic Sprayer

How to Select an Electrostatic Sprayer

Disinfecting surfaces is always an important thing to prioritize. When completed correctly and often, it can help prevent the spread of germs. There are different versions of electrostatic sprayers available, and each has a unique quality to it. Check out this guide to learn how to select an electrostatic sprayer that will meet your needs.

Define the space you will use the sprayer in

The most important thing to think about when investing in an electrostatic sprayer is what kind of things and spaces you’ll be disinfecting. For a large space, you may want to invest in a sprayer that is capable of holding a larger amount of disinfectant. For intricate surfaces and for a more portable type of sprayer, you may want a cordless or handheld option. Really take the time to examine your space and make a list of your needs. When you begin learning about the differences and unique qualities of each type, this will help you narrow down the right option for you.

Learn about the different kinds of sprayers

The next step once you’ve outlined the expectations of your electrostatic sprayer is to research and learn about the different types of sprayers available. Below is a brief breakdown of the two most common types of sprayers.

Cordless handheld sprayer

A cordless handled sprayer is designed to save time and labor by spraying less liquid while covering more surfaces. These typically have a battery life of about four hours when used to deposit a continuous spray. They take about 90 minutes to charge and have a weight of fewer than six pounds when full of disinfecting solution.

Cordless backpack sprayer

A cordless backpack sprayer is designed to cover up to 23,000 square feet with only a single tank of disinfectant solution. This sprayer is worn like a backpack and has an attached sprayer. These are able, much like the handhelds, to spray for four straight hours and only take about 90 minutes to get a full charge.

Decide on a budget

Another important factor to keep in mind is your budget. While both types of electrostatic sprayers are affordable, the handhelds are typically better for a tighter budget. Decide on a budget and on how many sprayers you need for your intended purposes before selecting a type of sprayer.

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