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How To Use an Electrostatic Sprayer

How To Use an Electrostatic Sprayer

Using an electrostatic sprayer brings many benefits, and there are many different types of sprayers you can use. Depending on the type, there are a few steps you don’t want to forget when operating the sprayer. You need to use a steady spray that covers the entirety of a surface for the disinfectant to be effective. Discover how to use an electrostatic sprayer properly here.

Charge and Install the Battery

Once you get your electrostatic sprayer, the first step is to charge the battery. Cordless handheld sprayers are extremely helpful to users as they are lightweight and easy to use. It should only take about 90 minutes for your battery to reach a full charge. On a full charge, the battery provides up to four hours of continuous spraying power.

Once the battery is fully charged, it is time to install it in the sprayer. For handheld electrostatic sprayers, you should install the battery in the bottom of the handle. For the cordless backpack sprayer, you can install the battery in the bottom of the backpack. Each sprayer should come with comprehensive directions for proper battery installation. You can also contact your supplier for more information.

Fill the Tank With Disinfectant Solution

The next step is to fill the tank of the electrostatic sprayer with a disinfectant solution. Baker Cleaning Solutions offers an effective and safe solution for your sprayers.

Follow the instructions that came with your device to safely and carefully remove the disinfectant solution tank from your sprayer. In our handheld devices, this tank is located at the front of the sprayer. In our cordless backpack sprayers, it is located on the back. Both tanks are sizable and easy to identify.

Pour the solution into the tank, then seal the tank and reattach it to the machine. For more information and troubleshooting, contact your supplier.

Start Disinfecting Effectively

Once the battery is fully charged and you have filled and installed the tank, it’s time to start disinfecting. Use the button on the sprayer to start the spray stream—it is located on the handle in both machines. You can also choose between three different flow rates depending on your application needs. We put out a video explaining in more depth about using our backpack electrostatic sprayers and a video for our handheld electrostatic sprayers.

Handheld electrostatic sprayers are designed to be user friendly. At Baker Cleaning Solutions, we offer handheld and backpack electrostatic sprayers. They are easy to use and effective. When charged, our sprayers’ batteries are ready to provide up to four hours of continuous spraying. For more information, consult our videos or contact us today.