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Perhaps more than ever, it’s become clear that disinfection is an effort we can’t compromise on in our shared spaces. Yet, for those who want to boost their disinfection protocols with traditional tools, it often ends up being a trade-off between a fast protocol and an effective protocol. When limited to these traditional cleaning methods, it can sometimes take hours to truly disinfect and kill target pathogens on all the surfaces that patrons interact with.

Since the pandemic started, new disinfection protocols have been high on the priority list for many businesses. Companies looking for top-notch results and significant savings are turning to electrostatic sprayers, which don’t force you to sacrifice quality for a fast disinfecting routine. These sprayers remove this tricky trade-off between effective disinfection and fast-moving protocols. They add a positive electrostatic charge to chemical particles, which attracts these particles to your surfaces and helps your chemical wrap around to reach even hidden surfaces. Victory Innovations® electrostatic sprayers have adjustable nozzles to help you reach your chemical’s necessary dwell time.

There’s also further statistical evidence that electrostatic sprayers are a faster option for disinfection. The Official ISSA Cleaning Times reports that while it takes traditional cleaning methods nearly 2 minutes to disinfect a 100 square foot space, it takes a cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer only 12 seconds to do the same. That’s a 90% difference in efficiency. See how those numbers add up as spaces get even bigger:

Victory Innovations cordless electrostatic sprayers can give you a faster clean without sacrificing surface coverage or quality. Boost your disinfection routine and save time and money with Victory sprayers to help keep your employees and patrons safe from infection.