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Tips for Cleaning in Winter Months

As the weather gets colder and people start heading inside, you’re probably turning up the heat and looking forward to quality time with family and friends. But there’s another routine you should think about updating for the winter: your cleaning routine. So we’ve put together three tips to keep your space cleaner and safer as the temperature drops.

1. Keep your HVAC system clean and functional

Your HVAC system works its hardest during the summer and winter months when it takes more energy to keep spaces comfortable. The EPA recommends that the filter be changed at least once every three months at a minimum[1]. A dirty air filter doesn’t just waste energy, it might be recirculating dust, mold and germs back into your space.

2. Double-check your disinfectant’s temperature and storage requirements

If you’re doing any temperature-changing disinfecting, it’s important to keep your chemical effective. Of course, we recommend always following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You’ll also want to ensure that chemicals aren’t stored outside, as freezing temperatures can render many disinfectants ineffective.

3. Thoroughly disinfect high-touch surfaces

With COVID-19 added to the typical cold and flu season, preventing infection should be a top priority for everyone from schools to business owners. Cold weather forces more people inside, which means more high-touch, high-risk surfaces and a larger chance of spreading infection. This year, skip the spray bottle and rag and switch to the new standard for disinfection – electrostatic sprayers.

With Victory Innovations® sprayers, you’ll get better coverage and faster application in an easy-to-use tool. Vital Oxide is EPA-approved for use in electrostatic sprayers and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, kills fungus, mold, and mildew at the source and inhibits growth and eliminates odor at a molecular level, and not by masking with fragrance. Baker Cleaning Solutions has what you need to keep your space clean and safe for everyone.