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Tips for Disinfecting Your Restaurant

Tips for Disinfecting Your Restaurant

As people become more health and safety-conscious due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is increasing pressure on restaurants to prevent the spread of germs and disease — keeping both staff and patrons safe from germs exposure to potentially harmful diseases. This is a great responsibility that requires diligent effort and expert organization. Discover these tips for disinfecting your restaurant effectively and safely.

Identify Areas and Make Lists

A helpful tip for disinfecting your restaurant is to make a disinfection checklist to guide you in keeping your restaurant sanitary and safe. Checklists ensure no matter which employee is in charge of cleaning that day or that hour will always hit the most critical spots, leaving no surface unsanitary. Below are a few examples of a standard restaurant application.

Dining Room

It is essential to keep things disinfected in the dining room. Disinfecting seating areas after each party provides extra safety to guests and helps prevent the spread of germs.

The following is a list of high-touch areas.

• Tables

• Chairs

• Table linens

• Napkins

• Menus

• Any highchairs or booster seats

• Drink menus

• Advertisements on the table

• Salt and pepper shakers, hot sauce containers, and other tabletop communal items


Every bar area should have a hand sanitization station for customers to disinfect their hands. Additional areas to disinfect include:

• The bar

• Barstools

• Menus

• Bar top advertisements

• Purse and coat hooks

• Soda sprayer

• Ice machines

• Sink faucets and sinks

• Liquor bottles


Be sure to follow all of the regular restrictions and guidelines for food safety. Require staff members to disinfect any surfaces after coming into contact with raw meat, potential allergens, dirty hands, or other potential contaminants. The below areas are often missed or not disinfected enough:

• Countertops

• Garbage can lids

• Burners or stove control buttons

• Light switches

• Door handles

• Cooking utensil handles

• Can openers

• Prep buckets or containers


• Toilet seat lids and seats

• Paper towel dispensers

• Countertops

• Light switches and door handles

• Baby changing stations

• Product dispensers

• Garbage lids

• Toilet paper dispensers

• Toilet handle

• Stall separators

• Sinks and faucet controls

Bathrooms are one of the places in a restaurant where germs are most likely to be spread. Be diligent with your disinfection efforts.


Entryways see every single guest and employee both as they enter and leave the establishment. These are high traffic areas with lots of interaction. Disinfect these key entryway elements:

• Door handles

• Seating options

• Windows

• Host tables or stands

• Menu sample

• Coat racks

Encourage social distancing when possible and consider placing a limit on how many guests may be in entryways at a time to help curb the spread of germs.

Invest in a Reliable Disinfection Method or System

No matter how often you or your employees set out to disinfect your restaurant, it may not be effective without a reliable and safe disinfection method. Always check the Center for Disease Control’s website for updated information on disinfection recommendations and requirements. Using an electrostatic cleaning system is one safe, effective, and efficient method for disinfecting your restaurant.

Handheld Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers

A handheld cordless electrostatic sprayer is perfect for a restaurant with multiple sections and tight hallways. It can spray for up to four continuous hours with a full charge and full tank. The Victory Sprayers are simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use electrostatic sprayers are perfect for restaurant applications when paired with a safe, EPA-certified disinfectant solution.

At Baker Cleaning Solutions, we provide quality and reliable sprayers to work for your restaurant or other applications. Simply charge the batteries, load the tank with solution, and spray. This sprayer covers surfaces with 360 degrees of disinfectant solution. An even layer is the key to an adequately disinfected area.

Backpack Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers

For larger restaurants with high demands, a backpack cordless electrostatic sprayer may be the best option. This spray, too, can spray continuously for up to four hours with a full charge and a full tank of disinfectant solution. It is easily attached to a person’s back with comfortable straps, just like any regular backpack. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and effective.

The electrostatic system charges the disinfectant particles to easily grip to conductive surfaces, coating the entire object or surface in an even and effective layer.

Disinfectant Solution

The disinfectant solution in its electrostatic sprayers is vital to the system’s effectiveness and safety. At Baker Cleaning Solutions, we offer a safe and effective solution that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses, kills fungus, mold, and mildew at the source, and stops the growth of and presence of odors at a molecular level. This means no more masking odors with fragrance.

Our disinfectant solution is full strength and perfect for restaurant applications. It is an EPA-registered solution with the lowest toxicity category, making it gentle for everyday use. It is also NSF registered as a “no-rinse on food-contact surfaces”—a need in restaurants.

Contact Baker Cleaning Solutions today for more information on our electrostatic cleaning systems, solutions, and more.



Tips for Disinfecting Your Restaurant